Wednesday 7 August 2019


"A red plague is not gripping our land anymore which does not mean that there is not a new one that wants to control our souls, hearts and minds. Not Marxist, Bolshevik, but born of the same spirit, neo-Marxist. Not red, but rainbow." 

The Archbishop of Cracow, Marek Jedraszewski, condemning "LGBT ideology", in his sermon during Mass at St. Mary's Church marking the 75th anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising.

“We thought we could just stay reasonable having gotten rid of God’s scripture. And guess what, there’s no shred of truth to this at all. We tried it. We did. It turns out it was God and scripture that were holding the entire set of structures together. Not reason, tradition. You throw out Christianity and the Jewish contribution too with it, you throw out God and within two generations people can’t tell the difference between a man and a woman. They can’t tell the difference between a foreigner and a citizen. They can’t tell the difference between this side of the border and the other side of the border. They can’t tell the difference between paying back your debts and simply borrowing forever. The only way to save this country, to bring it back to cohesion, the only way to bring it back to independence and health, the only way to do it is going to be to restore those traditions.”

Yoram Hazony, an Israeli and author of The Virtue of Nationalism, talking at the (pro-Trump) National Conservatism conference in Washington D.C. two weeks ago, which he helped organise.

"I was brought up by a Victorian grandmother. You were taught to work jolly hard, you were taught to improve yourself, you were taught self-reliance, you were taught to live within your income, you were taught that cleanliness was next to godliness. You were taught self-respect, you were taught always to give a hand to your neighbour, you were taught tremendous pride in your country, you were taught to be a good member of your community. All of these things are Victorian values. [...] They are also perennial values as well."

Margaret Thatcher being interviewed by Brian Walden in 1983

"She did see the country was on its knees when we took over – we were an industrial, political laughing stock. By the time she had lost office she had transformed the country – given it a modern economy – it was a quite remarkable achievement … It was great fun if you could stand the hassle because she kept this permanent revolutionary air going inside the government, which was great fun."

Kenneth Clarke, who said Britain would be a "rust bucket ruin" if Thatcher had not been able to rescue the country. He is right - Britain did seem in deep decay in the 1970s, even though the extent that this was true was exaggerated, and by 1990 this feeling had wholly gone. 


  1. Le bonheur, cette chose qui n'existe pas, et qui pourtant un jour n'est plus.

    Henri Barbusse quoted by Frederic Dard in 'Cette Mort Dont Je Parlais'

  2. Public discourse in America has long been held hostage to a species of
    racist moral blackmail that has made it almost impossible to tell the
    truth about many central social realities. Trump opened the window on
    that paralyzing darkness when he dared to violate the taboo against
    criticizing failure when it happened to be presided over by blacks.
    But to do so is not racist. In fact, it is anti-racist, because it
    dares to hold everyone, blacks as well as whites, to the same

    Donald Trump at the Overton Window
    by Roger Kimball

  3. The world may politically, as well as geographically, be divided into
    four parts, each having a distinct set of interests. Unhappily for the
    other three, Europe, by her arms and by her negotiations, by force and
    by fraud, has, in different degrees, extended her dominion over them
    all. Africa, Asia, and America, have successively felt her domination.
    The superiority she has long maintained has tempted her to plume
    herself as the Mistress of the World, and to consider the rest of
    mankind as created for her benefit. . . . Facts have too long
    supported these arrogant pretensions of the Europeans. It belongs to
    us to vindicate the honor of the human race, and to teach that
    assuming brother, moderation.

    Alexander Hamilton, The Federalist No. 11

  4. He is right - Britian did seem in deep decay in the 1970s,

    The whole of the West was an economic shambles at the time Thatcher came to office. It was of course entirely the result of the Oil Crisis. When oil prices started to plummet again around 1980 naturally western economies started to boom again.

    Thatcher does not deserve the credit for the recovery. Just as Reagan does not deserve the credit for the US recovery.

    1. Doomer,

      For every complex problem, there is an answer that is clear, simple and
      H. L. Mencken

  5. Let's not talk about the obesity, crime, food stamps, and massive, often lethal overuse of booze and drugs in white America/Trump country. Plenty of failure to go around, sadly enough.