Tuesday 13 December 2011


I wrote this in April 2009 and now I wonder if I still hold these trenchently worded ideas.

·         Because of the Holocaust the masculine virtues are discredited and society has been feminized. Hence welfare state, health and safety, feminism, multiculturalism, sexual revolution, pop culture, breakdown in class system, questioning of tradition, the 1960s social revolution.

·         As a result of this sex is seen as a construct not something utterly fundamental to each one of us and male and female roles are mixed up

·         Sexual intercourse has become trivialized, consumerised, instead of being sacred. 

Homosexuality is seen as being as normal as heterosexuality instead of as an unfortunate  psychological problem

·         Since artificial birth control is the norm the white Christian world is failing to reproduce itself and the Battle of Tours is being revisited

·         The nanny state in return for protecting us from real life (which in fact it cannot do) requires like a possessive mother obedience – hence we men are emasculated, heterodox opinions on this matriarchy are punished severely

·         We are a culture of Peter Pans irresponsible and improvident

·         Peer groups are more important than taking on your father’s or mother’s role.

·         The baby boomers have led us into the crisis through hedonism and self-indulgence and many other crises will follow

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