Friday 30 March 2012

Now or never: books to read


The Gospels, the New Testament with a commentary,  the Psalms, Ecclesiastes and Ecclesiasticus, in King James rather than Douai edition
The Bible designed to be read as literature 
Marcel Proust
Anna Karenina
War and Peace
The Idiot
The Trial
Henry Green
Under the Volcano
Edmund Burke
Sons and Lovers
The Sentimental Education
Try Gibbon’s Decline and Fall
Reread the whole of Shakespeare
Pickwick Papers
Tristram Shandy
Mill on the Floss

Dante and Ariosto in Italian is a sweet dream but life is too short. I haven't read Shakespeare since my teens except for A Midsummer Night's Dream and I know I would love to reread Chaucer's English Works

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  1. What no one had told me about A la recherche before I started reading it is just how funny it is. It is written with an eye like a gimlet and a psychological acuity that has rarely been equalled. I'm assuming you read French; an English translation would just be a waste of time. Thomas Tallon