Monday 16 April 2012

Diamonds are a girl's best friend

A rather Romanian story this but then Brazilians like Romanians are Latins.

From the Daily Telegraph obituary of Brazilian one-time billionaire Jorge Guinle who was 5'5" and spent all his money:

When, in 1962, "Jorghino" (Little George) Guinle flew to California to meet his former flame Marilyn Monroe and to escort her to the Venice Film Festival, he had in his luggage a topaz necklace that a jeweller friend had asked him to give her; but on arrival in Los Angeles, Guinle was shocked to learn from the papers of the actress's death.
Having checked in to his usual room at the Beverly Hills Hotel, Guinle recovered his poise; he scanned his address book and telephoned the recently divorced Jayne Mansfield. When they met, he gave her the necklace intended for Marilyn Monroe. "She was delighted," Guinle remembered. "We spent the next two years together."
The obituary ends: 

"I have no regrets," he said, looking back. "I had a much better life than I could have imagined. I met the A to Z of Hollywood and had a great time. I might not have any money left, but when I sleep, I dream of Marilyn."
But according to his New York Times obituary, in the last year of his life, Mr. Guinle said he had only one regret. "I wish I had studied the saxophone more seriously so that I could really say that I play it."

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  1. In what way is this a rather Romanian/Latin story?