Tuesday 2 April 2013

'People think I'm stupid but it's all a facade'

The Dan Quayle character says this in an otherwise unmemorable comedy, as he takes out a gun in the Oval Office.

'People think I'm stupid but it's all a facade'.  

He pronounces façade with a hard 'c', to rhyme with parade. 

It runs through my head a lot.


  1. Oh, some movie...it is the President or the VP of the USA...can't remember beyond that.

  2. Well spotted - yes the Dan Quayle character says that as he takes out a gun in the Oval Office.

  3. That's the liberal idiocy for ya. Dan Quayle was a deer in the headlights character when first introduced to the wide world. He never was or is a gun totin' backwater kind of guy. But I've never seen the movie or whatever it is so I don't know. Maybe it was funny.

  4. Oh yeh and, George Herbert Walker nor was a "hick". But he very well might pronounce façade rhyming with parade like he pronounced Sadaam rhyming with madam. That is madam in the English way. The American English way; short a, mad,sad,fad,cad,had,tad,bad,......