Thursday 4 July 2013

Treason ne'er doth prosper

Apparently today is American independence day. a day to remember the brave patriots who fought and in many cases died or were exiled for their loyalty to their king. God bless the American Tories and loyalists. Their defeat was the death of American conservatism.  As Michael Wharton used to say, perhaps one day the rebel colonists will realise the benefits of fealty to Her Majesty. Reunited, our new empire would be the world’s dominant power for the foreseeable future, unchallenged by any other powers brought against it.


  1. I did my History dissertation on the American Loyalists as a part of my Bachelors degree. The persecution and torture they had to endure on behalf of their reluctance to revolt is heart breaking and tear jerking.

  2. I'm an American of English and German blood. For me it's very
    good. I'm sorry that the Revolution was. That said, Independence Day for me is a sad reflection. All across the land people are picnicking and "honoring" dead and crippled and
    disfigured and otherways sick and poor soldiers. It makes me heartsick and just plain sick.