Friday, 27 June 2014

Everything dances

“Everything in the universe has a rhythm, everything dances.” (Maya Angelou) 

This is very true. Except for me. 

I try to dance but give up when as inevitably happens someone takes me by the shoulders and tells me 'Paul, let me teach you how to dance'. 

I was also told by two people recently that I clap against the beat of the music. Both commented that they had never observed anyone do that before. It seems that I am aryhthmic.

I do not repine. It seems that I am different from everyone else in many ways. I speak, hold my pen and think in a way that is unlike other people. This I see is a huge privilege. Not being about to whistle or dance are of no importance in comparison.

The nicest compliment I ever received was from someone who told me I was 
'born in outer space and have never landed on earth'. 
But that was many years ago and Romania was the earth on which I have sort-of landed.

As for dancing, it has always been clear to me that life is a dance, not an algorythm, whatever that is, or a rational chain of logic. Politics is a dance and so is love, so is history. A dance to the music of time, in Poussin's words.

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