Friday 10 October 2014

15 years age gap is acceptable between husband and wife

A 15 years age gap is acceptable between husband and wife - 16 is not. So said Enquire Within Upon Everything - the 1888 edition we had at home when I was growing up. It also had the rules for cribbage and much useful information.

Nevertheless men still pursue young women much more than fifteen years their junior, as if they never consulted Enquire Within, and at least one British journalist feels this requires explanation. Romanians, who understand human nature, do not. 

I was shocked when I first came here sixteen years ago to see so many lovely women with men so much older than them. A rather extreme example of a trend was Iosif Constantin Drăgan who was the richest man in Romania. He married a lady almost sixty years his junior, who is now the richest woman in Romania. Later on these age gaps became reassuring and still later one began to see it less and less, partly because more people had more money and partly because so many lovely women, like so many other people, left the country to find their fortune.


  1. When I was 24 I fancied about 40% of women aged 24 and about 0% of women aged 46.

    Now I'm 46, I fancy about 90% of 24 year olds, and about 40% of women aged 46.

    This is likely to continue until I'm 80. People having sex with each other in old age homes is the new "thing" apparently.

  2. Hi Paul
    We all, to a greater or lesser degree, are biologically programmed to ensure the survival of the human race therefore men will be strongly attracted to good child-bearers and women will be attracted to men who will provide good genes and a secure 'nest'. Add to this men's drive for sexual fulfillment and women's desire for security........... Cuz Geraldine