Wednesday 19 November 2014

Tony Blair was motivated by envy

My companion at lunch told me Lord Carrington told him that Tony Blair was motivated mainly by envy, of things he didn't have. This is why he loved destroying traditions. Lord Carrington is a wise old bird and might be right.

Psychopaths are motivated mainly by envy too, but I do not believe Mr. Blair is one.


  1. If this were true then it wouldn't be a surprise considering the British class system. You've dug your own grave.

  2. Lord Carrington is indeed wise. I think there are other facets to this. The first is the influence of Cherie. The second cannot be written on a public site.

  3. When considering Tony Blair I always comfort myself with the though that he's married to Cherie.

  4. Lord Carrington was also a man of honour -- a very rare bird.