Thursday 4 December 2014

Gabi Firea thinks not having children is a deficiency - she is entitled to her opinion

One more comment on the Romanian presidential election.

Psychopaths have a very strong urge to reproduce but I'm certainly not saying Gabriela Firea is a psychopath. I'm simply saying that psychopaths feel this biological imperative for which there might be an evolutionary explanation. 

Gabi Firea was Victor Ponta's spokesman during the presidential election and earned a lot of disapproval for her remarks about the childlessness of Mr. Ponta's opponent, now the President-elect, Klaus Iohannis. She said,
“From my point of view, a person is complete when he raises a child from his first days up to maturity. A man living in a cold house, without hearing baby’s chatter, without seeing his first steps, his first grades, cannot feel all these things … You can adopt a child if you want to have a complete family … In all civilised countries, all aspirants to the presidency  belong to complete families, they are married with children and grandchildren..."

Asked by a journalist if having no children was a defect in a president, she said,

A particularly stupid remark, even in a particularly stupid PSD election campaign. Romanians want an efficient president, not one who has children. I wonder how many childless people were impressed. I wonder what the last PSD President, Ion Iliescu, made of it. He is childless, which cynics say is the reason why he famously did not steal from the country (unlike those around him). 

Perhaps if Adrian Nastase, the PSD's failed presidential candidate in 2004, had not wanted to provide for his son he might have avoided going to gaol for corruption. But this is taking alternate history too far. Let's just say that childless politicians have their advantages.

I am no fan of Gabi. I have been no fan of the television presenter turned politician since she said back in 2002 or 2003 that calls from the Presidential office at the Cotroceni, ordering television companies not to run certain news stories, happened in President Emil Constantinescu's time as well as after Ion Iliescu regained the presidency. I never believed that.

But I am equally not a fan of the the National Council for Combating Discrimination. The National Council ruled during the election campaign that Gabi's remarks were "discriminatory" and breached Mr. Iohannis's "right to dignity" (what on earth is a right to dignity?) 

This is almost very funny, but it is not - it is in fact very disturbing. 

The Council is a deeply authoritarian and illiberal institution at the best of times, but when an unelected body seeks to curb free speech during an election campaign things are very bad indeed.

I don't like referring to a politician's lack of children in a political fight. Nor did Romanians. I didn't like it when people said the same thing about Condeleeza Rice. I didn't like it because it is irrelevant, has nothing to do with politics, is none of the public's business and may cause pain. But people are perfectly free to disagree with me and say that not being married or not having children does have a bearing on whether a man would make a good leader of his country. 
It is of incalculable importance that  people should be free to express this or any other opinion that is not defamatory or calculated to lead to what the Common Law calls a breach of the peace. 

None of this should even need saying, but it seems it does.

Here are some unmarried leaders, to refute Gabi's idea that in civilised countries presidents have children, though some of these do have children and not all of them lead particularly civilised countries. Pope Francis is one ruler whom the list omits.


  1. I don't find disturbing ,I think what she says and does is actually funny . But then I live in UK and I do hear and see a lot .Still think on top of the list should be the UKIP councillor from Henley-of-Thames David Silvester who thinks responsible for storms and heavy floods that hit UK at the beginning of 2014 can only be the UK Government's decision to legalise gay marriages . Amuses me as well many Romanians still think they should look up at countries like UK . You only have to get out of Romania for a few years to actually see the reality . May be we should have a show ,,Politicienii spun lucruri trasnite '' ,that would be quite funny and I am sure disturbing as well ( more likely the other way around !)

    1. People used always to blame natural disasters on God's wrath which is why Dryden wrote his wonderful poem, Annus Mirabilis. I wrote what I think of this here:

  2. I have a "right to dignity"? Let me start the list of people I'll sue.

  3. Betcha she thinks that any and all international adoptions are, de facto, child trafficking, too.

  4. I think it simply boils down to the Iliescu aspect. Not having children is a defect in this country, because not having the pressure of securing your offspring's future makes you unbribable.

  5. hey can say what they like, but when they slam a candidate because he isn't orthodox, is ethnic German and/or doesn't have children, i's frankly shameful. Everyone is responsible for the words that come out of one's gob and Firea, one of the biggest cretins I have ever heard, is also responsible for her's. There are consequences in life as in law and morality. Firea deserves a fine at the very least for what she said. But never mind. As she continues to make absurd statements and attack the President Elect, her day will come.

  6. And not having brain when you make this type of remark it's a deficiency as well :))

  7. Something seems very wrong with this woman, so poisonous every time she opens her mouth. But why would anyone in their right mind make her spokeswoman - unless he does feel she represents him. "Simtim la fel, gandim la fel" as that song that PSD used goes...

  8. Yeah. They were both inept: what Firea said and what th ADC ruled.There is - definitely - something wrong with our sense of direction

  9. I remember Isarescu also had her as spokeswoman when he was PM... he did seem like a balanced person, except for the thing for Firea, who was causing a mess for the campaign. But she was not nearly as bad as she is now.

  10. Her son died so perhaps this contributed to her outburst.

  11. Nobody is saying that it should be down right illegal for her to express this view. We're just condemning it because it's wrong and nasty.