Friday 27 February 2015

Why is there no word Hinduphobia?

And why is there no such thing as Hinduphobia?

No-one is anti-Hindu except possibly Muslims in India. Muslims make waves everywhere, it seems.

Anti-Indian, yes, anti-immigrant yes, colour prejudiced yes (but not often nowadays), anti-Hindu never.

Why is there no word Catholicophobia, come to that?

By the way, as a Catholic I am indifferent to anti Catholic prejudice. In fact, to be honest I am secretly pleased that people take us seriously enough to dislike our beliefs, beautiful though they are. It makes me feel I belong to a select club.

I wonder why Muslims mind Islamophobia.

I also wonder if humility is a virtue in the Muslim religion. I read somewhere that it is unique to Christianity, but it is one of the greatest virtues. Muslims, like everyone else, should practice it.

Immigrants should be the most patriotic citizens there are because only they choose their country. We make a great mistake teaching them to feel victimised or to take offence. Though it is the children of immigrants who more often are discontented. The invention of the word Islamophobia was a very great mistake. 


  1. It's a supremacist doctrine. Everybody else should know their place.

  2. Well we couldnt possible know what happens in every part of the world. It is a massive planet. Muslims do make waves every where but there are a high number of muslims in this world and its still i think the fastest growing religion.

    Pffttt - you should read your British history -

    You will see anti hindu episodes within it -

    for you to play the moral higher ground and indicate that muslims are the trouble cause as opposed to hindus, who you tend get on with so well : is rather a futile and patronising position to take - -

    For you now to expect us to compete with hindus to please your kind is derogatory and offensive -


  3. good answer to the question

  4. I think one can be anti- Modi, anti BJP, anti- Hindu supremacist, but not Hinduphobic. In the same way one can despise Dash, The Saudi royal family, and Wahabism without being anti Islam.