Sunday 22 March 2015

More gang violence in Sweden, racism and deprivation to blame

There's another story about gang killings in Sweden today in the Guardian.

Sweden used to be a country with extremely low levels of violent crime and a great deal of social cohesion. Now, because of immigration, this has changed.

When crimes are reported from Sweden the link with immigration is often not mentioned. The English language press reported widespread rioting in Sweden in 2013 without for some time mentioning that the rioters were Muslim.

Now two people have been shot in Gothenburg and the Guardian hint that the 

deprived borough where Wednesday’s killings took place... has high levels of recent immigration and overcrowding.
The Guardian is able to imply that ethnic minorities are responsible for these crimes by providing what is nowadays called a narrative and the narrative is this:
Poverty, racism and segregation are driving young men from immigrant backgrounds into gangs and gun crime.
I imagine there's much more poverty in their parents' countries. Is it really the fault of the racist Swedes?

Yes, if you begin with the assumption that people are basically good, unless things happen to them to make them bad, and that people of different religions and ethnicities are basically the same and should be able to live happily side by side, given reasonable goodwill. In other words, if you are a liberal, which is a kindly, high-minded and, in the face of history and of human wickedness, a foolish thing to be. 

The strange thing is that priests and clergymen, who should have a strong belief in original sin, are often the most liberal people of all.

Back in 2006 a Swedish sociology student, Petra Åkesson, found that 90% of all robberies reported to the police in Malmo were committed by gangs, not individuals. These gangs are said to be largely composed of Muslims. She interviewed gang members, one of whom told her
When we are in the city and robbing we are waging a war, waging a war against the Swedes.

22% of the population of Gothenborg are not ethnic Swedes, much fewer than in Malmo where 30% of the population was born abroad and another 11% of the population was Swedish-born to foreign born parents. Most of the newcomers in both cities are from the Middle East or the Horn of Africa. It is very possible that in twenty years Malmo will have a Muslim majority, as may other cities in Europe, probably including Brussels.

A report on immigrant-related crime in Sweden in 2006 by Ann-Christine Hjelm from Karlstads University found that 85% of those sentenced to at least two years in prison for rape in 2002 were foreign born or second-generation immigrants. A 1996 report by the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention said that immigrants from North Africa were 23 times as likely to commit rape as Swedish men. 
Men from the rest of Africa were 16 times more likely and Iraqis were 20 times more likely to commit rape. Men from Bulgaria and Romania were 18 times more likely to rape. 

I am surprised by the high number of Romanian rapists, as rape is uncommon in Romania, or so I thought.

The Swedes count many things as rape that other countries don't and have a very high rate of reporting rapes. This is why Sweden has one of the highest numbers of rapes per head of population in the world. Nevertheless, the numbers of rapes by immigrants is astonishing and outrageous. 

Then there are the increasing number of attacks on Jews in Sweden.


  1. Sweden is not the only country where the politicians and the media pussyfoot around the growing problem of crimes committed by Muslim immigrants. It seems there is a misplaced desire not to risk criticism for racist views by telling the truth relating to such crimes. This is a wicked deception that prevents the formulation of proper policies to deal with a problem that adversely affects increasing numbers of the host society. This deception can only be exposed by courageous politicians and journalists prepared to speak out against the crimes committed by immigrants unwilling to adjust to the prevailing culture of the societies that have received them. In fact, it seems that these crimes are often actively encouraged by the radical imams of the mosques that serve the immigrants, as part of an effort to disrupt the existing life-style of the host community prior to demanding the imposition of Sharia law (or something similar) to eradicate such crimes - i.e. a radical step towards the establishment of a caliphate that is already beginning to emerge in parts of Britain, France and Belgium. Europe, awake!

  2. A welfare state breeds racial resentment. In the USA migrants start at the bottom and have to earn their way into society's estimation pn

  3. Hope Swedes are outside with bats & golf clubs

  4. I became aware of this more than seven years ago and when I passed it on I was told that it was propaganda from right wing extremists, and have been hearing that ever since!

  5. Rape is not uncommon in Romania, it is just uncommon among romanians. The gipsy minority is vastly represented in rape statistics among the rest of violent crimes.
    When some romanians raped a girl last year it was all over the news for months, while so many other girls were raped by gipsies and no story got to the mainstream media.

  6. My question is this; why aren't these folks " fleeing " into Muslim countries where they would feel more comfortable??? You all know the answer....

  7. Good blog post. Nine of ten violent criiminals in Sweden come from a narrow range of countries - Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan. This was admitted for the first time in a very popular crimewatch programme. 99% of mainstream journalists fail to dig in this area, either out of fear of losing their jobs or deluded leftist ideology..

  8. A propos of Sweden. "Time is our home, not our country"