Saturday 25 April 2015

Why does Africa look away when Africans are drowned?

Why does Africa look away when Africans are drowned in the Mediterranean? Why do the Arab states look away when ISIS are killing Muslims Christians Yezidis? Are the Muslim countries less philanthropic than the (vaguely) Christian ones?

The United Nations predict 24 million will disembark from North Africa for Europe within the next ten years.This is not a humanitarian question or even a political one but an invasion.


  1. A few home truths regarding slavery, Islam and conquest. Fact number one; the Arabs started the African slave trade centuries before the Europeans got into the business. What's more the "evil" Brits banned it in the 19th century yet Muslims are still engaged in human trafficking at the moment I am typing this. Fact number two: Arab Muslims conquered and occupied large swathes of southern Europe a full three centuries before the Pope launched the First Crusade. Fact number three: traditionally Christian nations have graciously and in my opinion ruinously allowed within their borders vast numbers of Muslims from various nations including the socially and culturally retarded Pakistan and Somalia and how hsve many of these beneficiaries of European genorosity repaid the host nations? By commiting terrorist acts such as the London and Madrid bombings; serially raping young white English girls in Rotherham, cutting off the head of a British soldier in his own capital city, preaching hatred and destruction of the indigenous people in the public arena and last but not least refusing adamantly to intergrate into European society. By isolating themselves into religious ghettos, wearing bedsheets instead of modern western clothing, forcing their women into a spiritual if not physical purdah and attanged marriages, they have only themselves to blame when they feel margianislised and objects of scorn and lately, fear. Lastly there is only one creed that is running violently amok throughout the world by killing Christians, Jews and other Muslims in a Jihad to rid the globe of the hated Infidel and establish a caliphate dominated by Sharia Law.

  2. Because we are the only ones stupid enough to pretend to care, David P

    1. We do care, because of our Christian tradition. The pagan Romans wouldn't have given a fig.