Friday 16 October 2015

The growing likelihood that Britain will vote to leave the European Union?


The Economist today worries about
the growing likelihood that Britain will vote to leave the European Union. 
Is it possible? I had assumed there was no possibility that the UK would vote to leave. If Economist disapproves of something it usually turns out to be a good idea.

I feel like I did when I slowly realised that Jeremy Corbyn - JEREMY CORBYN - could be Leader of the Opposition.

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  1. Oh, I am glad that you seem to hold The Economist in the same lowly status as I do. I haven't read it properly for ages and I think the last few times it simply annoyed me, but on the occasions it touches on areas I feel I know something about it seems to have a glossy, simplistic and inverted interpretation of what's going on. I find this extraordinary given that it's owned by the Rothschilds who, whatever your view of them, definitely know more about money and politics than almost anyone. In other words, they didn't become stupid overnight.

    I'd like to see us out of the EU, not least because I think it has immense financial dangers ahead. In reality there are only two countries that can pick up the tab; being Germany and the UK. I don't know if Germany knows it (though it ought to) but it is underwriting the ECB, who are underwriting the whole project from France down to the Iberian peninsular as well as into Eastern Europe. Although not in the Euro, we will be on the line come the next bailout of Italy/Spain/Portugal or even France. None of which is to say I expect it to happen.