Sunday 22 November 2015

Is Bucharest, though not old, the most beautiful city in Europe?


I thought walking through the streets between Cismigiu and Buzesti, decaying 1880s buildings, trees bright brown with autumn leaves, that Bucharest though not old is the most beautiful city in Europe. Like living in a lithograph illustration for a strange book found in a second-hand shop. It won't be so compelling, though, if or rather when they ever give the houses a lick of paint and repair everything.

An example of what I mean is a house I walk past every day. photographed by my gifted friend Davin Ellicson.

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  1. When I visited Albania I noticed they were using all the time smth like "este bukur" wich is exactly Bukuresti used diferently, and to them it meant "it is beautiful" maybe the meaning of Bucharest is beautiful town coming from a latin dacian mixting.