Thursday 23 June 2016

It's still the masses against the classes, but the liberals have swapped sides

Gladstone said that all the world over he backed the masses against the classes (proof, incidentally, that he had a Northern accent). Nowadays liberals take exactly the opposite view. This referendum has done many valuable things. One of the most important is to show that liberals these days really do fear and despise the masses. If you don't believe me just read the Guardian or the stuff some of the In people are posting on Facebook.


  1. Brexit has won...

  2. Replies
    1. "plebiscite"

    2. No my auto correct altered a d , an elite minority just used the mob to attain their ends and kill the European project it was plebacide.

  3. I don't believe it untill I see you out. Untill than I still suspect this to be a new trick in order for you to get new privileges from this silly and decadent EU.

    Anyway, it's to good to be true. Thinking of all these millions of British parasites living across Europe, being now (in the future) forced to get back home, what a wonderful thought.

    Useful infos:

    Inspectoratul General pentru Imigrari
    str. Eforie 3-5
    tel 311 88 87

    Waiting in the queue along with your former mandate subjects - the Syrians, I simply can't wait

  4. If the US votes in Trump, then the chaos will be complete: Putin will march on Ukraine and the Baltics and a new world order (call it Molotov-Ribbentrop II) will ensue.

  5. On the contrary, I do not second-guess the British people. My only fear is that the decline of the EU will not be compensated adequately by a more robust NATO, thus tempting revisionists and adventurists to misbehave (further).