Tuesday 18 April 2017

The best comment on Brexit I've seen

I voted for the principle of national sovereignty and I expect to suffer for this choice. You do know there have been actual *wars* of independence, don't you? It will not be easily won. A lot of Remainers seem to be saying that they are *not* prepared to suffer for the principle of national sovereignty and that if we suffer just one jot of inconvenience or anxiety, we should have remained.
Bunny, a dear friend of mine, on Facebook.

Someone replied:
I love these illusionary concepts like 'nation' and 'sovereignty'. Considering the fact we are comprised of ten times more bacteria than human cells, we don't even have your own body sovereignty.
Brexiters don't need arguments. Many Remainers are the best argument for Brexit.

Bunny also said recently:
If Russia dumped Syria, it would have no allies left and it would be seen as a national humiliation. You don't need to be a foreign policy expert.
She should be given a column.

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