Tuesday 2 May 2017

Labour since 1900 has achieved nothing really


The British Labour Party is essentially a 20th century (wrong) answer to a 19th century problem.

Labour was always a mistake. The Liberals were much more radical, much more intelligent and would have fought the 1915 general election on land nationalisation. Labour, at least for a long time, didn't have many ideas, till the Webbs taught them nationalisation. They existed originally to get working class trade unionists into the House.

The first Labour government's one memorable achievement was adding the words 'patriotism is not enough' to the statue of Nurse Cavell. 
The second Labour government's big achievement was the Lido in Hyde Park. At least the latter was useful. Later Labour governments had only one important positive achievement. They raised the perception and self-perception of the working class.

But this would have happened anyway, without Labour.

The NHS, you say? But had the Tories won in 1945 they would have introduced an NHS. A different one, insurance based, but one that might have worked better.

Now Labour exists to force working class people (and everyone else) not to smoke in pubs, to eat healthily and not to disapprove of sodomy. Labour presided, and will preside in the future, over massive immigration which has transformed working class life in a way working people (to put it mildly) never wanted.

As political commentator Mark Griffith put it
What happened was that Labour didn't change in its core - it just skimmed off the thin layer of people from the Establishment who know a few basic things about how countries work.

The Atlees, Wilsons, John Smiths, Healeys, and Gaitskells.

They were the folk who used to give Labour governments roughly half a credible Cabinet each time to balance the Benns, Foots, Bevans. They were vital to give voters the impression Labour wouldn't Venezuelify the entire country in five years flat.
The status and lives of the working classes were transformed in the 20th century but by capitalism, not socialism. Socialism added the malign bits like bureaucracy, high taxes, dependency culture and multiculturalism, etc. 

Labour is the greatest enemy the working class ever had. 

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