Saturday 17 June 2017


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Lefties want "Day of Rage" "Shut down London" "Bring down the Government" But when little girls are blown to pieces - it's love and flowers

How could people feel any affection for a system that created the gulag? Alexievich says this ignores the unique atmosphere of the late Soviet period, a time of equality, deep friendships and love of literature. “Despite the poverty, life was freer,” she says. “Friends
would gather at each other’s houses, play the guitar, sing, talk, read poetry.” When democracy came, they hoped the intellectual freedom they longed for would finally arrive, “that everyone would be free to read Solzhenitsyn. Freedom came and Solzhenitsyn’s works were all published — but, by the early 1990s, no one had the time or energy to read them. “Everyone just ran past them, and headed for the 20 different kinds of biscuit and 10 varieties of sausage,” she says.
Svetlana Alexievich interviewed in the Financial Times

There is no other day. All days are present now. This moment contains all moments. C.S. Lewis

St. Peter of Alcantara said to a friend who was bewailing the way of the world: Let you and I first be what we ought to be. Let each do the same and all will be well.

Reddit post: -31, the thread "Redditors who remarried after a partner's death, if the partner were to come back, who would you choose and why?"
"You mean, as a zombie? Or as a sexy vampire? Be specific. It would change my answer."


  1. “I never weary of great churches. It is my favorite kind of mountain scenery. Mankind was never so happily inspired as when it made a cathedral.”

    Robert Louis Stevenson

    1. I couldn't agree more. I travel to see churches not scenery. This is one reason why the non Christian world interests me less than Christendom. In Mahometan countries I look at mosques instead, but they are usually much less rewarding, though sometimes beautiful.

    2. Purely natural scenery mostly leaves me cold. There has to be something man-made in it to spark my interest.

  2. I think nostalgia for the Soviet era is going to become more and more of a big thing as eastern Europeans confront the crassness and emptiness of the liberal West.

    1. haha great commment. Unless you're of Cossack or Ukrainian extraction...

      Putin has recreated the soviet union without commmunism.

    2. Putin has recreated the soviet union without commmunism.

      He hasn't. But if it could be done it probably would be, on balance, a good thing.