Saturday, 9 December 2017

Bernardine Dohrn: "They even shoved a fork into the victim’s stomach. Wild!”


I wrote about the murderer Charles Manson  when he died two weeks ago. He was one of the increasingly few people who was before my time. 

At his death, the liberal press incredibly tried to suggest that the murderous Manson - a counter culture hero if ever there was one - was a forerunner of Donald Trump. 

I mentioned the debate in the SDS about whether killing white babies was a revolutionary act and quoted Bernadine Dohrn, the SDS and Weather Underground leader, who celebrated the fork stuck into the heavily-pregnant Sharon Tate's belly.
“Dig it! First they killed those pigs, then they ate dinner in the same room with them. They even shoved a fork into the victim’s stomach. Wild!”
This was at a meeting held just after the Manson murders to decide a strategy for using violence to take over America in the name of Vietnamese and Africans. One of the SDS leaders announced that fascism, his word for a Communist dictatorship, would be necessary to wrest control of America from white Americans. 

The SDS talked a lot about 'white skin privilege'.

The Weather Underground or Weathermen were angry about U.S. imperialism, the Vietnam War and racism in general. Whites, they thought, stole the resources of non-whites and all whites were culpable, including the working classes.

The Weathermen were extremists and terrorists and numbered about 800 people but these attitudes were general on the left during the Vietnam war. At first opposition to the war was confined to a small minority of Americans but the anti-war left won. This was a very important moment in the history of anti racism, an ideology which has transformed America and the world.

Here we see why, forty years later, the far left sympathised with Islamists and Muslim reactionaries.

And also why many immigrants in Western Europe harbour some degree of anger and resentment towards the countries in which they live.

Weathermen were responsible for the bombing of the United States Capitol, the Pentagon and several police stations.

Bernadine Dohrn after years on the run and a short spell in gaol, was hired by Northwestern University School of Law, as Clinical Associate Professor of Law. She was one of the founders of the Children and Family Justice Center.

Her husband and accomplice Bill Ayers later became a university professor, but in the 1970s he told his followers:

"Kill all the rich people. Break up their cars and apartments. Bring the revolution home. Kill your parents. That's where it's really at."
The couple know the young Barack Obama, though he is at pains to deny that they are friends. His political career in Chicago was launched at a meeting held in their sitting room. 

Another former member of the terrorist group is also a university lecturer. 

In November 4, 2010, in an interview with Newsclick India, Dohrn said of the American right,
"It's racist; it's armed; it’s hostile; it’s unspeakable."
"The real terrorist is the American government, state terrorism unleashed against the world."
If you want to friend Bernardine Dohrn on Facebook she is here.

However evil or misguided people on the left are, it doesn't seem to affect their future careers. This is true of some of the key organisers of the 1968 Paris riots. 

Do you imagine Dohrn would have got a lecturership had she been on the far right?

In this wicked woman's demonic speech about the murder of Sharon Tate and her unborn baby we see the reason why academia has been taken over by an evil secular religion as well as by white self-hatred. 

The smoke of Satan, said Pope Paul VI in the 1960s, is in the Church. It was not just in the Church but everywhere in the 1960s and it still is.


  1. I suspect that many analogous episodes existed during the fall of Rome.

  2. How can she be teaching and not in jail?

  3. I confess to having a morbid fascination with Manson. Every cult figure is interesting but Manson more than any other because he was a symbol of a society turned upside down. Had he been born a generation earlier he would have amounted to a nobody, at most a bank-robber possibly eating a few bullets courtesy of a local police officer. Unfortunately, he is the example of what Peter Brimelow would call "Hitler's revenge" on the U.S. Rather than executing the members of the Frankfurt School the Nazis expelled them, allowing them to completely transplant themselves to the U.S. in the 30s. This would later lead to the wholesale replacement of traditional American culture with the social experiments thought up in the minds of the Frankfurt school radicals in the 60s. Segregation abolished, Christian morality driven from the public square, the borders thrown open, Feminism running rampant, the family torn apart, and a drug induced counterculture created to "open the mind" (Heavily fomented by the CIA in order to divert the Left away from the class struggle into a more globalist-friendly trajectory) Manson and his followers just came along as the inevitable end product of the hell that had been let loose.

    1. Heavily fomented by the CIA in order to divert the Left away from the class struggle into a more globalist-friendly trajectory

      This is what so many people fail to understand. The trajectory of the West since the 60s is only comprehensible when you realise it was a full-scale class war. The globalist capitalist class were terrified that the working class might get its act together politically. That would mean lots of globalist capitalists lined up against the nearest wall and shot.

      The solution was to divide the non-elite classes against themselves with identity politics and distract them with sex, drugs and rock'n'roll.

  4. This charming lady was an Associate Professor of Law at Northwestern University School of Law. Her equally unrepentant former domestic terrorist husband, Bill Ayers, has said her Manson murder comments were "taken out of context". Some of the dubious characters allowed onto American University faculties would not pass the most cursory of company background checks.

  5. It is really strange to me that a university would give a platform to these violent abashedly racist (toward whites) criminals. Another example is Angela Davis who procured guns for a terrorist incident in my home town. She was given a job as a professor of consciousness at Univ of California. The left does fawn over violent nutjobs as long as they're counterculture. It's weird.

  6. I agree about the "anti-Western" comment - I think that to a large extent the extreme left is as damaging as the extreme right, in often similar ways.

    However I also believe in rehabilitation. I know nothing about Ms. Dorhn's current thinking on anything and I am not prepared to condemn her for something she may have said almost 50 years ago.

    Are you the same person you were in 1969?


    1. I was in short trousers. She has never apologised or retracted her words and she is as far as I can see still far left. But I do not care about whether she has learnt wisdom, really. I am interested in the roots of the modern climate of opinion about race and discrimination. It seems to me that, except in the 1950s, Marxism has been very influential in American history.

  7. You can read Dohrn's full remarks for yourself: She was discussing how the killing of Panther Fred Hampton was muffled in the news, while the killing of Sharon Tate (at roughly the same time) was turned into a sensational anti-hippy mega-story.

    Her remarks were clearly not about upholding Charles Manson (despite those hyperbolic exclamations that seem so ripe for misrepresentation) but about the bias and hypocrisy of the MSM (an issue now being claimed by the Right).

    "One of the SDS leaders announced that fascism, his word for a Communist dictatorship, would be necessary to wrest control of America from white Americans. "

    This factual error may be a typo: I assume most realize nobody in SDS called FOR "fascism" or conflated fascism with communism.

    Debates within SDS included a controversy over whether Nixon's America already WAS fascist or was heading that way ("Southern strategy," killings at Kent & Jackson state, FBI Cointelpro on Black Panthers, etc.) But everyone was AGAINST "fascism" (hence their conferences for "United Front Against Fascism" etc.)

    2nd point: SDS did not generally believe that all white Americans were enemies or were irredeemable. SDS organized hundreds of thousands of white students nationally and produced many off-campus "organizing projects" seeking to ally "poor whites" with the civil rights movement.

    Criticizing away on Weatherman. But let's keep facts right.

    1. He meant leftists would have to be undemocratic like fascists.

      Here is a contemporary press report from the left of centre 'Guardian'.
      'The logic of that view was expressed in a statement by Ted Gold, a top Weatherman, who said that “an agency of the people of the world” would be set up to run the U.S. economy and society after the defeat of the U.S. imperialism abroad.

      A critic spoke up: “In short, if the people of the world succeed in liberating themselves before American radicals have made the American revolution, then the Vietnamese and Africans and the Chinese are gonna move in and run things for white America. It sounds like a John Bircher’s worst dream. There will have to be more repression than ever against white people, but by refusing to organize people, Weatherman isn’t even giving them half a chance.”

      “Well,” replied Gold, “if it will take fascism, we’ll have to have fascism.”'
      Full report here: