Saturday 8 December 2018

It Girl Becomes a Defender of the Catholic Faith

The New York Times has a lovely and inspiring story about the famous 1980s party girl Princess Gloria von Thurn und Taxis (b. 1960) and her best friend Princess Alessandra Borghese who in middle age have become fervent Catholics and love the Tridentine Mass. I mean no disrespect to either princess, who I am sure have been very chaste, but this slightly brings to mind the Baroness de Courtebiche in Gabriel Chevalier's novel Clochemerle, who at the age of 47 decided to forsake the boudoirs of fashionable Paris for the life of a devout Catholic landowner in her native village. 

Princess Gloria von Thurn und Taxis thinks the Pope is

“trying his level best,” but added with a laugh, he just “doesn’t sing my favorite hits first.”
That puts it delicately. I have ceased to be so tactful, unfortunately.

She is friends with Archbishop Viganò and hopes his famous letter, denouncing homosexual activity and child abuse in high places, will be “a wake-up call for the church.” She is also friends with Pope Benedict XVI, Cardinal Burke and Steve Bannon. She is putting her social position, social skills and party going and giving to sacred purposes.


  1. Clochemerle! I read that years ago. It seems to now be one of those forgotten books.

  2. Long before I read it, which I did eleven or twelve years ago, I watched the wonderful TV version - as a boy though as my father said it was much too old for me.

  3. Romanian villages resemble Clochemerle in terms of village or commune politics - and no doubt wine and love affairs.