Tuesday 18 February 2020


"The discussion moved on to ‘Western values’. Mrs Thatcher said (in effect) that [Dean Edward] Norman had shown that the Bomb was necessary for the defence of our values. Powell: ‘No, we do not fight for values. I would fight for this country even if it had a communist government.’ Thatcher (it was just before the Argentinian invasion of the Falklands): ‘Nonsense, Enoch. If I send British troops abroad, it will be to defend our values.’ ‘No, Prime Minister, values exist in a transcendental realm, beyond space and time. They can neither be fought for, nor destroyed.’ Mrs Thatcher looked utterly baffled. She had just been presented with the difference between Toryism and American Republicanism. (Mr Blair would have been equally baffled.)" Dr. John Casey

"When I met Trump I thought he was a deeply unimpressive man and I think he realised himself that he needed the boys toys, the planes, the women." Selena Scott, when he was elected US President.

‘All political lives, unless they are cut off in midstream at a happy juncture, end in failure, because that is the nature of politics and of human affairs.” Enoch Powell, in his essay on or short biography of Joseph Chamberlain

"I rank myself no higher in the scheme of things than a policeman - whose utility would disappear if there were no criminals." Lord Salisbury

"Mr Blair describes himself as a Christian socialist: he is no such thing. Like Baroness Thatcher, he is a 19th-century liberal. He may never have said "you can't buck the market", but he acts as though it were true. If he were to put his religious principles into political practice, he would be a Christian capitalist. For capitalism is just another name for the market, and the market is here to stay. Indeed, we should say of the market what Churchill said of democracy: a very bad system, but the alternatives are worse. Just as democracy needs laws and institutions to protect the things that are not to be voted on, so the market needs moral and religious scruples to withhold the things that are not to be traded." Sir Roger Scruton 1998

"History is littered with the wars which everybody knew would never happen." Enoch Powell, speech to the Conservative Party Conference, 19 October 1967

"The secret of success is constancy to purpose." Benjamin Disraeli

"All quotations are taken out of context." Enoch Powell


  1. I do not know if the people of the United States would vote for superior men if they ran for office, but there can be no doubt that such men do not run.

    Alexis de Tocqueville

  2. "Indeed, we should say of the market what Churchill said of democracy: a very bad system, but the alternatives are worse."

    That seems to me to be lazy cowardly anti-intellectual thinking. It's a recipe for smugness. It speaks of a fear of actual thinking.