Saturday 8 February 2020

Tony Blair tried hard to prevent Brexit but instead prevented a soft Brexit

Here is from a report in the Daily Telegraph of 10 March 2019.

Sources in Paris confirmed to The Telegraph that Mr Blair had been speaking to the French President about Brexit.
He is reported to have told Mr Macron to “hold firm” and wait for events to play out in London that end in Britain staying in the EU.

I said I wouldn't bang on about Brexit but I cannot help it.

One of the key players in the Brexit drama has been, and no doubt still is, that consummate politician Mr Anthony Blair. He was behind the People's Vote campaign for a second referendum (it even sounds like the phrase 'People's Princess' that he coined when Diana died).

He made the very momentous decision to aim at a second referendum rather than using his influence in high places (he has little in low places) to back a deal that kept the UK in the Single Market, as the Norway option would have done, or in a customs union with the EU, as Mrs May's Withdrawal Agreement would have done. The political establishment (you could call it the deep state if you wanted to tease) was thereby fatally divided between his policy of a second referendum and the Withdrawal Agreement. 

Nigel Farage and Boris, by defeating him, showed themselves to be politicians of similar quality. I hope though that Boris is more conservative and less a globalist. I am not at all optimistic about that but I hope so. 

I do hope he can find a way to be a popular and populist leader who manages to bind the country together, rather than let it lose its identity, and do so without seeming extreme. Identity is what politics is all about from now on.

But though Tony Blair might have succeeded in contriving a second referendum it seems, judging by he result of the December 2019 election, that Leave would have won again. 
Dominic Cummings had decided on a simple and irresistible campaign slogan:
Tell Them Again.
The British have stuck to the decision they took in June 2016. 
Countries are organisms, families, not collections of individuals, but like individuals they are moved by deep, subconscious impulses and instincts inherited from their ancestors. 

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