Wednesday 16 September 2020

Trump's diplomatic triumph goes unnoticed by the press

I am no huge fan of Donald Trump's son-in-law, Jared Corey Kushner, who is a Democrat who urges on Trump not to use the BLM violence as a political card for fear of losing some black votes. I don't like how he reportedly sneers at Trump voters or how precarious his finances were until a fund in which the Qataris own 9% bought his debt laden skyscraper. I am no fan of the Gulf monarchies, am critical of Netanyahu and don't see Iran as any threat to the West, but President Trump and his son in law have pulled off a great diplomatic coup. And the media almost ignore it. 

From an interesting article in the US magazine National Review:

'All of this is what Joe Biden might call a BFD. When the three leaders — President Trump, Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu, and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed — were considering their handiwork over the phone, according to a senior administration official, “MBZ said, ‘Hey, 2020’s been a really tough year. This has got to be the best news of 2020.’ And the president said, ‘Yeah, what do you think, Bibi?’ And Bibi said, ‘Are you kidding me? This is the best news in the last 20 years.’” 
'And it all happened against an overwhelming tide of criticism. The senior administration official marvels that Kushner stayed the course “when he was obviously hit like crazy in the media.” “All the experts said that he was wrong. Rex Tillerson rode him like crazy.” 
'The way Kushner himself puts it is, “The last three and a half years, I think I’ve been the only optimistic person on the region.”

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  1. Most of the US tuned out the Middle East years ago. Trump deserves credit for a treaty — it’s a positive, but a “nice to have” as opposed to an essential at this point.