Tuesday 1 November 2022

The UK is being invaded, like Greece, Italy, Spain and the USA


The BBC, Sky News, the Times are all outraged at the British Home Secretary trying to turn away Albanian criminals from England's greenish and pleasant land.

The Times this morning:

'Senior Conservative MPs have warned that Suella Braverman risks fuelling support for far-right extremists after she described the Channel migrant crisis as an invasion.


'Braverman, who is fighting to save her job as home secretary in a row over security breaches, admitted that the asylum system was “broken” because illegal migration was “out of control”.


'However, she rejected allegations that she had caused overcrowding at a migrant centre in Kent, insisting that she was the target of a “witch hunt”. She said she would do “whatever it takes” to address the Channel crisis. This year 38,864 people have crossed, double the number by this time last year.'

Many Conservative MPs could pass for Liberal Democrats nowadays, you note, which reminds me that Ben Bradley, a Red Wall Conservative MP said, “I’ve been told off in the tea room for referring to ‘my wife’ because that’s ‘possessive’. By a Conservative MP, actually.”

Despite the loathing some commentators and many people on Twitter seem to feel towards a Home Secretary who wants to leave the ECHR and send refugees to Africa, her views on immigration are very mild compared with most people's. 

The British Future survey published in December 2014, showed that 25% of British adults agreed that all immigrants, legal or illegal, should be repatriated, 52% disagreed and 23% didn't answer. These figures will be found here on p.17.


  1. Which boat did Cruella pitch up on?

  2. I understand the UK not wanting to accept a descending mass of migrants, but the proposal to send them all to Rwanda seems like grotesque, trolling mischief.