Sunday 19 February 2023

From Caitlin Johnstone's latest substack piece "Imagine If China Did To The US What The US Is Doing To China"


Senator Josh Hawley: "Imagine a world where Chinese warships patrol Hawaiian waters, and Chinese submarines stalk the California coastline. A world where the People’s Liberation Army has military bases in Central and South America. A world where Chinese forces operate freely in the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean."

Yeah, imagine that Josh. Imagine a strange, dark timeline where China is encircling the US with military bases and weapons of war. You know, in literally the exact same way the US is doing to China right now.
I recently did a write-up on a freakish bit of war propaganda put out by Sky News Australia about the threat of "China's aggression" provoking a third world war. Hilariously, about halfway through the special, Sky News flashes a graphic showing the immense sprawling military presence that the US has built up around China in "a vast network of operations that extend from Hawaii all the way to India."
The Sky News special is titled "China's aggression could start new world war," but your brain would have to be made of soup not to look at that graphic and understand who the real aggressor is here.

The whole thing is here. I know she is very left-wing but the left and the right are impossible to distinguish writing about foreign afairs.

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  1. At the time the United States acquired most of the bases Ms. Johnson mentions, it was an ally of China in WW II, and the Communists as well as the Nationalists must have been happy to have Japan's forces beaten down. It is hard to justify the US takeover of Hawaii or of the Philippines; yet I doubt a vote for secession would run well in Hawaii, and the Philippines seems to be troubled by China's activities as well. And it is my impression that Vietnam, which has fought a war against China more recently than it fought one against the US, is not pleased with China's activities in the seas.