Tuesday 21 May 2024

Having only contempt for every existing political party

T.S. Eliot: “Having only contempt for every existing political party, and profound hatred for democracy, I feel the blackest gloom." Letter to Richard Aldington, 7 April 1921

Otto von Bismarck: 'Never believe anything in politics until it has been officially denied."

Voltaire: ‘A hundred years from my death the Bible will be a museum piece.’

Theodor Meron was legal counsel to the Israeli Foreign Ministry in September 1967. He was asked by the Prime Minister’s Office for his opinion on the legality of civilian settlement in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. In a cover note to his opinion, he summarized his conclusion: “…civilian settlement in the administered territories contravenes the explicit provisions of the Fourth Geneva Convention.”

Israeli Brigadier General (retired) Dov Tamari, in an interview in Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz five days ago: "I have gone through military documents, and it emerges from them that as early as 1950, the General Staff and the top brass were saying that it was imperative not to live at the borders that were determined by the armistice agreements signed in 1949 and that it was necessary to expand, all while justifying it by defense, diplomatic, and economic justifications for it. In this way, they create[d] a subversive culture that aims to constantly exploit any opportunity to accomplish the idea of expanding."

Dr Timothy Stanley in the Daily Telegraph yesterday.

'Benny Gantz has threatened to quit the Israeli war cabinet unless it endorses an exit strategy from Gaza. If he were an American student, the police would lock him up. Were he a Labour MP, Starmer would remove the whip.

'It feels harder to have a conversation in Britain and America about Israel than in Israel itself, probably because the well was poisoned by domestic simpletons who could barely disguise their support for Hamas on October 7.'

Israeli Ambassador to Croatia, Gary Koren, quoted in Ha'aretz in November 2023: “We are not Christians, we will not turn the other cheek.”

Amir Tabor, Ha'aretz, five days ago:

'If it were up to Gallant, Israel would demand several important reforms in the PA, but down the road, would prefer to have it as a neighbor in Gaza over the murderous Hamas.

'The problem is, and always has been, that Netanyahu and his far-right allies prefer Hamas. That's why Netanyahu allowed and encouraged Qatar to flood Gaza with money for more than a decade; that's why he negotiated in secret with Hamas' leaders over a long-term cease-fire; and that's why he continues to resist any notion of truly replacing the Islamists in Gaza with a more moderate force, and instead is vowing an eternal, endless war in which Israel will be forced to reconquer areas it has already left again and again.

'At the end of the process, if Netanyahu gets his way and Gallant's warning is ignored, Hamas will emerge once again as the ruler of Gaza – providing Netanyahu with his main promise for Israel's next election: to eradicate the organization.'

Farida Rustamova and Maxim Tovkaylo's substack yesterday:

'Amid sky-high defense spending, Russian GDP growth hit 3.6 percent last year, and this year it is expected to be 3.2 percent (according to International Monetary Fund forecasts). This level of growth (which some analysts believe puts the economy in danger of overheating), has helped push up real incomes for Russians (according to official data, they have risen 10 percent in two years). At the same time, inflation is high (currently at 7.9 percent), the Central Bank is considering raising interest rates above their present level of 16 percent, and there is a severe labor shortage.

'The war and Western sanctions have helped turn the Russian economy into a closed ecosystem that is awash with cash, economist Oleg Vyugin said in a recent interview. “Russia continues to receive revenue from energy exports. But capital outflows have collapsed. As a result, Russia has a lot of money.”'

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