Monday 3 June 2024

Musk: 'Hard to view this as anything other than abuse of the law for political purposes'


The harshest tyranny is that which acts under the protection of legality and the banner of justice. -Montesquieu


I have been a sharp critic of Donald Trump, and unlike the corporate media, for good reasons. This is an utter disgrace to a professed free society. This conviction is the result of one thing: The shadow government attempting to stop him from becoming President again.


Libs of TikTok
Obama illegally spied on Trump's campaign while he was in the Oval office. No charges, no trial, no conviction. YET.

I think this will convince you, even if you hate him, as you probably do, that Donald Trump's conviction was the result of a very dirty political game by a Democrat judge.


BBC World, which I switched on for  a moment after the conviction, talked about his 'rant' outside the court but it was a very eloquent and measured speech made without notes. Keir Starmer or Rishi Sunak could not do that. 

The presenter said it contained numerous 'false statements' and unsubstantiated claims. 

It is not for the BBC to tell us that something a politician says is false. We shall decide.  And it is very hard to prove a negative.

Unsubstantiated is a much better word, but claims are unsubstantiated in all political speeches and, gentle reader, all your and my conversations. 

The BBC does not lie, likes the truth but not if the truth does not square with its prejudices on Donald Trump, Ukraine, abortion, transgender, refugees, climate change, the benign effects of gender transition, the malign effects of 'gay conversion therapy', Russia, China, Covid and various other things


  1. We live in a theocracy of the puritan progressive church. Calvin's reign of terror in Geneva, the witch hunts in early modern Europe, The French Revolution's Reign of Terror, the Bolshevik Red Terror, the Cultural Revolution, Pol Pot's regime etc. are all the same type of mass psychosis, the current puritan progressive theocracy is running a mild version of. It is early days and is getting less mild as they take over.

    For some reason the services / mil. ind. complex also decided that the left is easier to control/less scrupulous and more useful than the right and colonized it. They had no choice.

    The puritan progressive left is blowing up the ship with all of us on board in order to bring us paradise on earth.

    We're late empire and the praetorian guard is appointing (some times assassinating) emperors while the Roman identity is being replaced by the Christian identity. There's no stopping this.

  2. Would a corrupt banana republic also put a current president’s son on trial? Probably not.

  3. Hunter Biden was found guilty today. His father believes in the Constitution and the Judiciary, so won't interfere.
    Trump was proven guilty on all charges, and claims bias. He is not fit to govern.