Sunday 9 September 2012

Itegue Taitu Hotel, Addis Ababa

I did not book a hotel in Addis Ababa and I cannot recommend too highly the Hotel Jupiter Cazanchis, a four star hotel where I was looked after extremely well. But I usually like to stay in the oldest hotel in town and when I go back, as I intend to next year, I shall certainly stay at the oldest in Addis, where Evelyn Waugh stayed. Lord Deedes makes it sound marvellous.

I mourn Lord Deedes.  I almost had lunch with him once. He was always on my list of Ten Greatest Living Englishmen when I was a teenager, along with Graham Greene, Sir John Betjeman, Sir Alec Guinness, Edward Norman, Lord Hailsham, Enoch Powell and Robert Robinson, as well as, oddly since I don't like cricket, Brian Johnson. I wonder who was the tenth?

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