Monday 10 September 2012

Monsignor Vladimir Ghika

Monsignor Vladimir Ghika, a Romanian prince who converted from Orthodoxy to Catholicism, became a priest, worked with the poor around the world and came back to Romania knowing he would be killed, is one of the greatest and least-known heroes in a land, Romania, where cynics are more common than idealists. I have been meaning to write about him  for years but have not done so, so I am posting a link to a blog post about the Monsignor that I recently came across. 

A friend of mine described him as 'the whole Dostoyeskian deal'. Catholics in Romania are hoping that he will be canonised but first, of course, a verified miracle caused by his intercession is required by Rome. To call this man a great Romanian or even to call him a saint seems to belittle him. 


  1. As far as I'm concerned, he's the greatest Romanian who's ever lived. Thanks for spreading the word :)

  2. “Worked with the poor around the world”. Is this not too little to deserve to be prized by a nation? This is what Brits do abroad not Romanians.