Friday 15 March 2013

Five profound thoughts today

Lazy people are stressed, not relaxed, unless stupid.
Stupid people should be relaxed, because they do not know there is anything to worry about, but often they suspect there might be and do not know what it is.
Happiness and fulfilment are found in giving ourselves.
Hope springs eternal in the human breast. This hope itself can actually stop us facing the truth and changing things. 
Every British and French generation produced marvellous people between about 1550 and 1950. What went wrong then? Why are there so very few great men any more?


  1. "What went wrong then" ? Post WWII is what went wrong. The beginning of the end.

  2. First, post-related, there would be some interesting answers you can find in the Zeitgeist movies if you are willing to spend some hours of your life to watch them ^_^.
    Second, I only recently came about to knowing your blog and every post is very interesting. As such, i would like to extend an invitation to come to Cluj-Napoca, there are a few buildings here in need for photography too haha. I'll give you a tour and even provide you with a place to sleep at for 1 night if you find it too tiring to travel to and fro Bucharest (it's a 9 hour train ride).
    I'm guessing you have messenger so if you want to come add me (amogosan) and we can talk more. If not, I would certainly enjoy having conversations on the state of things in Romania and in the world ^_^.


  3. Thank you for the offer - by messenger do you mean yahoo messenger? I have an account but havent used it for years.

  4. Men aren't allowed to be great anymore. It is usually against the law. They will be fined or jailed or both. Publishers very often won't publish their books. They can't stand for parliament let alone become prime minister or president. Greatness is in all ways surpressed which evolves to repressed which evolves to non-existent. Goodbye nations, goodbye great men, goodbye good men.