Sunday, 8 June 2014

The last Emperor of India

King George VI, 1938. One cannot imagine Adolf Hitler, Musso, Stalin or Franklin D. Roosevelt in a similar picture. 

England is a truly great country, in fact the greatest.

Photo: King George VI at the funfair.

Had it not been for his love for the divorcee Mrs. Simpson, King George VI's brother King Edward VIII would have retained the throne, of course. One Edwardian essayist - was it A.G. Macdonall? - described Prince Edward as 'the greatest gentleman in the Empire'. In fact he was a gutter cad, who almost certainly  perjured himself in a libel action he brought alleging he had a physical relationship with Mrs Dudley Ward. He was an admirer of Hitler, though this would presumably not have mattered once war was declared. The late Diana, Lady Mosley, born a Mitford girl and the widow of the Fascist leader Sir Oswald Mosley, said of Edward VIII, 
'Of course, he was far more right-wing than my husband.'

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