Friday 4 September 2015

Asylum seekers are Europe's greatest defence threat, say Syrian refugees

My Syrian Christian friends - refugees themselves in Bucharest, though affluent refugees- strongly oppose admitting Muslim immigrants to Europe. They have reasons.

Quite by chance, one just called me, on business. He is an intelligent man of good family. (Christians make up much of the middle class in Syria.) He didn't call to talk politics, but he did anyway. 

His parents are in Syria, in a place which is pretty safe, close to the Lebanese border. But the forces of law and order have no power. If you were to commit a murder in Syria no-one would arrest you. Yet life goes on. 

He is horrified by the influx of refugees into Europe. He says it is caused by the people smugglers dropping their prices from $10,000 to $2,000 per person. He thinks the waves of refugees, if unchecked, will lead to 'civil war' in Europe.

The refugees are not poor, nor in fear of their lives, he says. They all have money to pay the smugglers, they all want to go to rich countries, not countries like Romania or even Hungary, and quite a few of them are ISIS supporters. He fears Muslims gradually taking over Western Europe.

Of course he exaggerates.

We all feel so very, very sorry for the 3-year-old Aylan Kurdi, the drowned Syrian child, the picture of whose dead, cold body, lying on the shore, has gone all round the world. 

We all feel very sorry for his grieving father, Abdullah Kurdi. He said he simply wanted to give his children a better life. He is absolutely admirable and brave and reckless - and an economic migrant, not a refugee fleeing danger. By his folly he is responsible for his sons’ and wife’s deaths. He must live with this.

The family were not in Syria, but in Bodrum in Turkey, a pleasant seaside town where there is no war and where rich people whom I know choose to holiday. Mr. Kurdi worked as an odd job man. The family had been in Turkey for three years. They were in no danger till they boarded that boat.

They were Kurds. Turkey, which has a very large Kurdish community, is a much better place than the other countries where Kurds live, Syria, Iraq or Iran. As Kurds their life should have been much easier in Turkey, where millions of Kurds spoke their language and shared their culture, than had they been Arabs. They could have integrated much better into Turkey than into Europe. But for very understandable reasons Mr. Kurdi wanted to join the burgeoning Kurdish communities in Western Europe instead.

Beside the Turkish-Syrian border is Hatay province which includes Antakya (Antioch). Turkey stole Hatay from Syria in 1939, when Britain and France were preoccupied, and it always had many Arabs. It has huge numbers of Syrian refugees now and it seems a good place to house Syrians, rather than in Europe.

Yet 104,460 asylum seekers arrived in Germany last month and over 800,000 this year, part of a revolutionary change not only in Germany but in the whole of Europe. 

The Australians insist asylum seekers move on after three years. For some reason that I do not understand in Europe asylum seekers are not given asylum for a year or two and then asked to leave but allowed to settle permanently, which is why centuries from now Germany will always have large Arab and Kurdish minorities. This will be irrevocable.

Refugees have every reason to want to live in Europe. It is Europe's duty to the refugees and, more importantly, to future generations of Europeans to stop accepting any asylum seekers from other continents. No-one drowns trying to get to Singapore because Singapore accepts no asylum seekers. This is the only way the drownings will stop.

We can pay poor countries to take them for us. I wonder how many Syrians and Libyans will accept refuge in Bukino Faso. We can try the experiment and see.

About half of the Vietnamese 'boat people' who managed to reach Hong Kong during the 1980s were repatriated by the British to the Communist regime – somewhere between sixty and seventy thousand. Many went to the United States. Many others were kept cooped up in squalid conditions for the best part of a decade. My feeling is that times have changed and Europe will take many of the tidal wave of asylum seekers and economic migrants. As more are taken, more will come.

Some think the population of Africa alone may grow by one billion over the next thirty years. As populations grow and developing countries grow richer the numbers of migrants, legal and illegal, will increase by leaps and bounds. The only alternative to indigenous inhabitants becoming a minority in each Western European country is to do what former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder recently said we must not do – create a Fortress Europe.

Admiral Christopher Parry, one of the Royal Navy’s cleverest strategists, warned in a paper in 2006 that Britain and Europe faced being overrun by mass migration from the Third World within 30 years, because of population growth and environmental destruction. The Internet, cheap flights and free international phone calls would hinder assimilation. (Is there anything left to assimilate to, nowadays?)

He compared the plight of the West to that of the Roman Empire in the fifth century. The Blair Government liked to encourage senior public servants to indulge in blue sky thinking but Admiral Parry had taken it too far. He was silenced and accused of racism.

Nine years have gone past since then and he seems prescient.

What is clear now is that while Vladimir Putin is bad news, and ISIS much worse news, the real threat to Europe is not from Russia but from asylum seekers.


  1. This spells the onset of "reverse colonisation", the decline of the West.

    1. “Liberalism is the ideology of Western suicide,” wrote James Burnham in his 1964 “Suicide of the West”, quoted the other day by Pat Buchanan. I think low birth rates and the fully reasonable desire to be as unlike Hitler as possible are two causes. Mrs. Merkel is the most disastrous leader Germany has had since him, not counting I suppose Ulbricht, etc in the GDR.

  2. Yes Paul I do agree with what you wrote in your article, probably is the best solution for them but the mistake is done and the main fault is this ''Welcome'' from some EU developed countries'' except UK. Now they have to deal with this situation out of control

    1. Very bad though things are they can get very, very much worse and almost certainly will. We must fight though.

  3. You are absolutely right. George Orwell described once communism and national socialism as two political movements on their way to establish a system of modern slavery. They have almost succeeded. Islam is on the same way now. One has to be blind not to see that.

  4. It does seem strange that these migrants do not want to live in STABLE muslim countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain.... and the EU makes no effort to highlight the indifference of these countries to the plight of the migrants.


  5. Living for years and years together with a few other families in a tent the size of a town hall, in an area with a few hundreds identical tents can't be classed as glamping .Even if that happens in a beautiful holiday resort like Bodrum where wealthy people go or used to go on holiday . Can't blame parents for trying to give their children hope of a better life , a peaceful future .Some of the refugees are economical migrants but that's hardly new ,over the centuries millions of Europeans have done just that . And still do .

    1. I certainly don't blame them for wanting a better life - I admire Mr. Kurdi's courage. I am sure his life in Bodrum was bloody though he was not in danger. I condemn the people smugglers who use unseaworthy vessels but also Mr. Kurdi - he too is to blame for the death of his wife and sons. It's terrible.

      On the other hand so are the deaths of children killed by drones in Pakistan, the deaths of children in Yemen, Sudan. Have you read about them?

      We are being manipulated by the media on this one.

  6. If I set out from New York in a boat aiming for Lisbon, and differ just a quarter of a degree from the correct course, I will end up in Morocco or France, neither of which is Lisbon. If I as satan wish to attack Christianity, all I have to do is instigate heresy of some significant sort. The Christians, differing from the true faith will not end up in heaven enjoying the love of God. This is why islam is evil: It is satanically inspired. It doesn't have to be "bad" - just wrong and then by definition it is evil. And the further it is followed, the worse it is.
    Ibrahim Awwad Ibrahim Ali Muhammad al-Badri al-Samarrai - now known as "Caliph Ibrahim" is a formidable moslem scholar - and many moslems follow him because he keeps to pure traditional islamic teachings, each action being supported by the koran. Yet he is the leader of ISIS which aims to control the moslem world and incitres its true followers to slit the throats of Christians and anyone else within their power who disagrees in the slightest with them. This is islam at its purest - as indeed muhammed's followers did back at the beginning. So I have no problem is saying that islam is indeed evil because it leads iots people far from the truth into truly evil deeds. Michael.

    1. Father Michael, I am sure the Holy Spirit speaks to everyone and works through false religions and would be sure of it even had the Second Vatican Council not said so. I am no expert in Islam but Carlyle rightly thought it was superior to the paganism it originally replaced. Unfortunately it then replaced in many countries Christianity and this was disastrous from every point of view for those countries in the Middle East and North Africa which had once been as civilised as France. There is much that is beautiful in Islam - I agree with Belloc that it can be understood as a Christian heresy.

  7. But I wonder if you really apprehend the evil of islam? think for a moment about twenty islamic men, standing behind twenty Christian men kneeling, ready to slit their throats because they refuse to convert. Think about that as a way of death. It is NOT instantaneous - you remain aware as your blood pours out. You think that a religion that TODAY - with all our advanced thinking isn't an evil religion, for they do this purely in the name of islam, following exactly the teachings of islam. I have studied islam somewhat. I have two friends who have studied it in great depth, and we have had lots of dealings with islamic followers over the years. Islam indeed condones precisely this behaviour of ISIS. You need to read not only the koran but also the hadiths the collections of the hundreds of reports purporting to quote what muhammad said on any matter and are second only to the koran in developing islamic teaching and are important for understanding the koran and its commentaries. Many important elements of traditional islam such as the abhorrence of paintings and sculpture, stoning adulterers,the right of killing non-moslems etc., are mentioned in hadith but not the koran itself. They were gathered into very large collections during the 8th and 9th centuries, generations after the death of muhammad, after the end of the era of the "rightful" Rashidun Caliphate, over 1000 km from where Muhammad lived - so the whole of islam is not only evil, but of very doubtful historicity, it is manufactured to suit its adherents the Hadiths probably have little or no authenticity, but they dictate what moslems believe and will do.. Fr. M

    1. We all know vastly more about Islam than we did 15 years ago. I thought I was very well informed as a young man but didn't know Friday was the Muslim holy day until I was 27. Not sure when I learnt they kept the Jewish dietary rules - late 20s I think.
      I do agree that ISIS should be understood in theological terms and David Cameron, Tony Abbott etc are fatuous to say that the extremists are not true Muslims - how do they know?
      I had a dear and very erudite British Bengali friend who always insisted to me that Islamists misunderstood their own religion but I wonder if he also did since he was a Guardian reader who believed in Enlightenment values (except for his racist views on Jews).
      Still Muslims in my experience are good people, very spiritual, prayerful and I want peace between the world’s religions. Not syncretism though or anything smacking of that stuff.