Sunday 6 September 2015

The Third World War has broken out

General Mircea Chelaru, who was Chief of the General Staff of the Romanian Army in the late 1990s, said last week that the asylum seekers proceeding across Europe, and the possibility of millions more coming represent the start of  the Third World War. He fears the destruction of European culture and the Islamisation of Europe.

This is reminiscent of Admiral Chris Parry of the Royal Navy who made a warning about asylum seekers and migrants being Britain's great security threat back in 2006. 


  1. What we are now witnessing and being forced to submit to was predicted way back in 1973 in the prophetic novel 'Camp of the Saints' by Jean Raspail.

  2. Right - another end of the world myth.

    If it's not climate change, an asteroid, the class struggle, the race struggle, the second coming, a nuclear war, aliens, cultural relativism, a new infectious disease, then it must be the asylum seekers.

  3. Replies
    1. Climate change will
      Cause the early deaths and migrations of millions and is linked to the current events in Syria and Iraq try telling a Bangladeshi or Vanatuan that the real danger is Islam and they might look at you as if you are mad

    2. To a Bangladeshi the danger is, of course, not Islam or mass migrations, though climate change needn't worry him. I look at you wonderingly and shake my head.

    3. Less than 80cm of sea level rise will see 90% of the country disappear beneath the sea and a rising global temperature is now established fact not a theory or conspiracy or cautionary tale.. So if no losing the ground beneath ones feet what is his great worry pray tell?

    4. To a Bangladeshi the danger is not of course Islam, unless he is a Christian. Islamists are killing Christians in Bangladesh, after a rapid rise in conversions to Christianity.