Friday, 15 September 2017

Hillary Clinton is “not very bright” - something she has in common with Theresa May


During his Sunday night interview on the US television show 60 Minutes, Steve Bannon said something I already knew, that Hillary Clinton is “not very bright.”

This is one of the things she has in common with Theresa May. They are also both introverted and (not the same thing) shy. Both are boring speakers, partly because they never have much to say that's interesting (though I except Theresa May's remark that a

citizen of the world is a citizen of nowhere). It is possible to be not very intelligent but still have interesting ideas, but neither does. 

Much worse than not being very bright, neither has much political nous, though Mrs. May who made her career on her own, not via her husband, obviously has more.

Neither got to the leadership of her party by merit. Theresa May got there because the other candidates disqualified themselves and Hillary because of her husband, his machine and its money.

Compare two other women politicians who succeeded because of their merits, Margaret Thatcher and Angela Merkel.

Here is an article from Breitbart that is both funny and true, like so much that that paper publishes. I quote:

Hillary Clinton is just dumb. Plain dumb. Not once during the quarter century that I have suffered under the oppression of her voice, her condescension, her awkward fumbles at being real, have I witnessed her porch lights come on. Not once have I said, There it is!

And all it would take is once.

I haven't watched the Bannon interview but, judging from this, it was very interesting and worth watching.

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