Saturday 3 February 2018

Liberalism is a religion (a false one, I think)

Amanda Spielman, the Head of Ofsted, the UK's Office for Standards in Education, Children's Services and Skills, said she wants teachers to combat extremism with “muscular liberalism”, instead of religious extremism. She has in mind Muslim schools, but may triangulate by persecuting Christian ones.

is any religion compatible with liberalism? I doubt it.

Does she mean Catholic schools won't tell pupils that sodomy is a sin? Do they even do so now? Or that wives should obey husbands?

Why should schools teach liberalism anyway? Why can't schoolchildren be conservatives or socialists or nationalists or whatever their parents bring them up to be?

Because the idea of our time is that the state is responsible for children, just as the state (in theory the electorate but in practice the man - person, sorry- in Whitehall) is responsible for how much property and money you have and how healthily you eat. 


  1. I think they mean sending drag queens into primary schools to teach them tolerance. (And frighten the bejesus out of them.)

  2. is any religion compatible with liberalism? I doubt it.

    I doubt it too.

    Unfortunately Christianity seems to be compatible with liberalism. There are scriptural passages that can be twisted to make them appear to be endorsements of liberalism. In most cases these twistings are obviously dishonest but sadly most mainstream Christians today accept them.

    Christianity has a terrible record of compromising with, and collaborating with, liberalism. This has been one of the major causes of the decline of Christianity but mainstream Christians stubbornly refuse to understand that each new compromise damages their religion still further.

    Or that wives should obey husbands.

    I'd be very surprised to hear that any Christian school would teach that. Christianity's capitulation to feminism has been total.