Sunday 25 February 2018

Footnotes to history

Poles and Swedes partitioned Ukraine 100 years before Poland was partitioned by Prussia, Russia and Austria, but nobody talks about that. Lord Salisbury, the future Prime Minister, pointed this out.

People always say that the 1905 Russo-Japanese war was the first time in the modern era that a European state was defeated by a non-white state, but the Abyssinians defeated the Italians at Adwa in 1896.

We hear a lot about the Crusades but not that the Muslim lands which the Crusaders invaded were Christian before they were conquered by jihadis in the seventh century.

The Bastille, when it fell, was not a political prison but an old people's home housing a few well-connected old people and lunatics. After it fell those people were homeless.

The Suffragettes in England used violence to further their cause and instead of furthering it set it back, contributing nothing at all to women eventually being given the vote. British women over 30 were given the vote in 1918 from gratitude for their war work.

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