Sunday 10 June 2018

An empty wish

I am far from being a huge admirer of Mr Trump (though his presidency is enormous fun) but I do wish England (by which I mean the UK) had him to lead us out of the EU, not the pygmy we have.

I hope pygmy is not a racist expression.

Boris Johnson has come round to the same futile wish, to judge by his recent speech made

at a private dinner that got taped and leaked.

Pat Buchanan, in his latest article, says that the old Republican Party is in a coma - I hope so - due to three things: mass immigration, 'the free trade cult' of

18th- and 19th-century scribblers whose ideas had done so much to bring down their own country, Great Britain
and the end of the Cold War.

I do not agree that free trade was bad for 19th century UK - it kept food cheap and gave us a booming economy - though, on the other hand, Chamberlain's imperial preference plan was also a good one. Had we adopted it the UK and three of the Dominions, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, might now be a sort of EU. 

The Dutch South Africans, though, certainly wouldn't have joined it.

I hope and think that Mr Trump has destroyed the post-1952 Republican Party, something that very badly needed doing. Let us hope he can change the Democrats out of recognition too.

I have a feeling that he will win in 2000, though it's much too early to tell. Much will depend on the economy. If he is impeached, that will probably help him.

However badly you may think of Donald Trump, it's hard not to think that he's the best of this four.

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  1. UK US relations, on the political level, are at a rock bottom. I suspect Trump hates May, especially if he has been briefed on alleged MI6 involvement in the peegate dossier. Pelle

    1. David in Belgrade12 June 2018 at 18:26

      @ Anon
      I am not privy to Mr Trumps thoughts - thank God!
      But I wouldn't say he hates Mrs May, no-one feels strongly enough about a non-entity to hate them.
      I would imagine he hardly notices her.

  2. David in Belgrade12 June 2018 at 18:23

    May a pygmy, Trudeau a clown, Merkel a has-been and Trump the joker in the pack.

    Mmmm - Trump seems the least worst.

    If his N. Korea policy succeeds, it will be hilarious to hear the reasons why he should not be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.