Friday 15 June 2018

Bucarest, mon amour

“There's not a city in the former Soviet Union [she meant Bloc] which hasn't been christened The New Prague (apart from Bucharest, and if you've been there you'll know why).”
Guardian travel article by Joanne O'Connor

I remember the 1989 Lonely Planet Guide to Eastern Europe (individual countries didn't merit their own guides) included Bucharest in its list of ten things to avoid in Eastern Europe. I don't remember what the other nine were but they were things not places.

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  1. David in Belgrade16 June 2018 at 09:41

    Bucharest is not an attractive city, imo.

    But I enjoyed living there, met interesting people and had a lot of fun.

    The best thing about Bucharest is that it is full of Romanians - the friendliest, most sociable and fun people I have encountered during the 15 years that I have worked and lived in South Eastern Europe.

    Although, of course, there will be exceptions to the above.