Thursday 2 August 2018

“Europe was created by history. America was created by philosophy."

“Europe was created by history. America was created by philosophy.” Margaret Thatcher

“Britain is something more than a European country; it’s a link between many countries in many continents. I do not believe that Britain can federate with continental Europe.” Clement Attlee in 1952, quoted by Daniel Hannan

“After hitting migrant departures and shaking Europe on the question of illegal immigration, now my objective is to accelerate the repatriations of fake refugees.” Matteo Salvini


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  2. Observing the civic blight amid the physical splendour that is Europe is like seeing a beautiful woman with bad teeth.

    Taki and me

  3. The most crippling hammer blow to western populist-nationalism will be dealt by the Brexit hardliners. The chances of Brexit being reversed are much less than a Brexit that devastates the British economy and jobs thus seeming to vindicate the Remainer fear mongering during the referendum.

    Except, it won't be because we left the EU but because we left the Single Market and triggered Article 50 without negotiating EFTA membership. But the public both in Britain or internationally will have zero understanding of this. They will only understand that "Brexit" did this.

    Had Britain left the EU intelligently, as Richard North suggested; rejoined EFTA and negotiate with EFTA allies for an EEA-wide reform of Freedom of Movement they could have combined with voices such as Hungary, Austria and Italy from inside the EU, and could have be kicking at an open door. That would have been a huge setback for globalism.

    Instead, thanks to ignorant, arrogant turds like Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees Mogg as well as the low-information journalists who know no better, we have made a pigs ear of it and so are in for the biggest liberal elite smugfest of all time. "The globalist were right; the Populists were wrong" will be the take home lesson for years. The West's right-wing rebellion is now in very grave danger.