Wednesday 15 August 2018

Scotland the brave

I ate haggis three times in a day and a half in Scotland and shall eat black pudding for the third time in 48 hours. Apart from offal the other themes of my Scotch travels are rain and overcast skies which are forecast to last for another week. And noble prospects, to quote Boswell.

I apologise to readers who want my insights into the violence in Bucharest. I am too far away but I am sure that once more the gendarmes are to blame at least for much of it. I wish it were only in Romania that the police are responsible for  violence against peaceful protesters but it happens even in England. 


  1. "but it happens even in England"
    Some examples please of tear gas usage, dragging passengers out of a taxi and beating them, clubbing female and elderly demonstrators with their hands up....




      the police horse trampling the protesters is what I remember

    3. The British establishment doesn't need to, it just gets groups like Antifa or HNH to violently suppress dissidents. Basically by ignoring all violence committed by these groups. And if anyone in England dared counter-protest a "Gay Pride" march they would very quickly be bundled into the back of a police van, on the charge that they were disburbing the peace or some such shite.

  2. No examples then? Shame. Well, there is a BIG difference between the behaviour of a paramilitary force (which is the Gendarmerie)and a civilian police force (which is what we have in England). Please do not trivialise what happended in Bucharest last week with inappropirate comparisons.

  3. They try to be like everyone else.