Saturday 3 October 2020

It seems Pope Francis did give money to Hillary Clinton's campaign - but it's only interference by Russia that's important


From Damian Thompson's latest philippic against the Pope, in the US Spectator. 

"Pompeo is beside himself with rage that the leader of a Church that condemns voluntary abortions chooses to say nothing about the the forced variety to which Uighur women are subjected.... 
"Francis is desperate to see the back of Trump. The Vatican spent a lot of money back in 2016 trying to secure the election of Hillary Clinton. Now it is effectively bankrupt, which is why it’s so keen to refresh its relationship with a dictatorship with money to burn. Refusing to meet Pompeo at least deprives the Trump administration of photo opportunity."

At least indirectly, money contributed by Mass goers in the annual Peter's Pence collection (it's this Sunday, by the way) went to Hillary four years ago. Will the Vatican subsidise Joe Biden this time?

Damian Thompson strongly suspects that the Vatican secretly receives large subventions from Communist China, but he has no evidence. 

What an interesting theory, that money from a Communist tyranny, that forces women to have abortions, is accepted by the Pope and passed on to a candidate who backs single-sex marriage and abortion and will appoint judges in the mould of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. 

'Is the Pope a Catholic?' used to be sarcasm. I think, if the phrase is ever used nowadays, it's often a genuine enquiry. 

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