Friday 2 October 2020

Who will save us from the WHO?


Knut Wittkowski, Ph.D., said yesterday:
'Just as a comparison [with Covid-19): In 2018, 10 million people became cases (in the usual sense, meaning: fell ill) and 1.5 million people worldwide died of tuberculosis. TB is endemic, rather than an epidemic, so a lockdown to prevent the spread of TB could save many of these deaths.'

He was commenting on LinkedIn on a comment by Arlyne Beeche, Ph.D., on a BBC news story under the headline:

Coronavirus: Two million deaths 'very likely' even with vaccine, WHO warns

This headline is misleading. What Dr Ryan of the WHO said, in answer to a question, was that two million dead was 'not impossible' and he went on to say it was 'very likely' if testing and tracing, quarantines and measures to impose social distancing were not implemented. He just does not know. How can he?

The two million deaths would be two million who died with not of the virus, I think. The Hong Kong flu in 1968 killed a million around the world and the 1957–1958 Asian flu killed1.1 million.

Arlyne Beeche wrote this comment on the story, on LinkedIn.

The scientific support behind these claims is extremely weak. First, it is safe to assume based on the early introduction of SARS2 that it is far more widespread than has been detected, simply based on its transmission dynamics, and asymptomatic and mild profile. Second, there is no discussion on the protective T cell immune response. Third, deaths WITH COvID-19 and DUE TO COVID-19 are mixed and overinflate numbers deaths. Finally, fourth, total deaths “with/due to” COVID are falling. So, what is the basis for this irresponsible claim that is creating unprecedented harm to the masses due to the lack of long term vision? Look at the data. These irresponsible (WHO et al) approaches are harming our young (and old) generations. Who is considering the long term, not yet visible negative ramifications of this short sighted line of thinking? One examples: Kids need exposure to each other and their environment to strengthen their immune systems, and this is actively being removed. This is “public health” today? This will certainly increase preventable diseases.

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  1. Peter Hitchrens wrote this.

    Health Secretary Matt Hancock said on Friday 18th September that hospital admissions for Covid-19 were doubling every 7-8 days.
    So how is that going?

    The figures for Covid-19 hospital admissions for the eight days since Mr Hancock said this are now available.

    HMG provides them here

    As I pointed out in a previous posting,

    this was a questionable statement about the present when it was made. How has it fared as a prediction or indeed as a general statement?

    I have tabulated the figures below:

    Friday 18th September……….......205

    Saturday 19th September…….......204

    Sunday 20th September……..237

    Monday 21st September..........275

    Tuesday 22nd September........268

    Wednesday 23rd September....314

    Thursday 24th September.......288

    Friday 25th September...........274

    Saturday 26th September.......245