Saturday, 27 March 2021

Had Charles married Marie Astrid he'd have spared himself and us a world of pain - and answered the Irish Question


I posted a very uncharitable attack on the egregious Meghan, Duchess of Sussex and intended to link to a very uncharitable and very just attack on her by the thrice blessed Douglas Murray, but I failed to do so. Here is the link to the article which appeared under the headline

Meghan Markle is a US culture-war missile aimed at the heart of Britain and Europe

In my post I said she is evil but so was the Duke's mother and almost all men marry their mothers.

I originally welcomed the match despite her being divorced, American and left-wing but my female Facebook friends all saw that she was a wrong 'un immediately and I saw it too in a while. She began at nine by writing a letter to a TV company complaining about an advert that showed a wife washing dishes and continued in her twenties complaining about being ogled.

The world must be peopled, ma'am.

I liked the fact that the duchess is mixed race, which seemed to strengthen the monarchy, but I should have kept to my opinion that princes should marry other princes. 

If only Charles had married Princess Marie-Astrid of Luxembourg, necessitating a change to the Act of Succession. I said this to Richard Overy at my admission interview for Cambridge when he asked me what is the answer to the Irish question. I said this would have led Paisley to take Northern Ireland out of the union. This was not something I desired to happen but he rewarded with with an open scholarship

Alas he had gone when I went up and I was left in the hands of an authority on mediaeval Burgundian numismatics.

What a world of pain the pretty blonde Marie-Astrid would have saved the Prince of Wales and England from. She would have conducted herself as she should, however the Prince behaved. And how nice to have Catholics on the throne again after so long.

Instead he married a godless Whig noblewoman with borderline personality disorder.


  1. Jacobitism is looking more and more attractive. I believe there is still a Stuart Pretender?

    Can't the Saxe-Coburg-Gothas be sent back to Hanover?

    1. The Pretender is Francis, Duke of Bavaria, though he prefers to stay out of the Jacobite cause and leave it to his putative subjects in the the three kingdoms.