Friday 13 August 2021

BBC lies, damned lies and statistics about climate change


This very beautiful photograph is of one of a series of fires in California in connection with which a college lecturer has been held by police. The lecturer teaches criminal justice and specialises in cults and deviant behaviour.

A BBC insider says that the BBC internal briefing to editors on covering climate change was reminiscent of ‘a campaigning organisation' and if you click on this link you will see that he is right.

Please click here to see how fallacious the BBC coverage of the putative link between the climate and recent wildfires is.

Wildfires happen each year in Greece and Turkey but it seems that they have been decreasing around the Mediterranean since 1985. 

Lack of rainfall correlates with fires, according to a recent study, rather than rising temperatures.

In fact in the USA, which England apes, news organisations have long been campaigning organisations, campaigning against Donald Trump and in favour of all sorts of left-wing causes. 

The BBC World Service, which is paid for by British taxpayers, is very influential worldwide and is very Woke. Even business programmes tend to be devoted to the scourges of racism and sexism rather than, you know, business. 

BBC American news coverage sounds like a party political broadcast for the Democrats. The BBC has sided with the American Democrats since the 1940s, but with Donald Trump one got the impression that they considered bias against him to be their solemn duty. Perhaps it is required by law.

(As I said before, Disraeli did not coin the phrase 'lies, damned lies and statistics', just so you know. It doesn't even sound at all like him.)

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