Sunday 15 August 2021

The struggle between Christianity and Political Correctness in Romania


"We sincerely hope that the pages of this book will provide an infusion of courage and a testimony in favor of an even more intense and constant confession of traditional values for all those who, 30 years after the dissipation of the moral darkness of communism, (still) resist totalitarianism contemporary neo-communists, disguised as preachers of political correctness; in preachers of humanist-secular tolerance, who, in fact, diligently spread the discourse of hatred and propose the abolition of natural differences between people all the way down the lowest level of complete homogeneity; in preachers of the demolition of the values of Christian civilization and in preachers of the neo-Marxist gender fluid ideology, which establishes idolatry and the supremacy of group rights and triggers the class struggle between the sexes."
This is a paragraph from the introduction by Orthodox Bishop Ignatie of Husi to a recent biography of a priest who had been persecuted by Communists. The Bishop 
was asked to remove this paragraph from his introduction as a condition of publication. 

The bishop refused and another publisher was eventually found.

This story was told by the American religious and political polemicist, a convert from Protestantism to Catholicism and now to Orthodoxy, Rod Dreher, in the article he wrote about his recent first visit to Romania. 

He sees this country as a refuge from the left-wing social revolution sweeping the West which he thinks comparable to Marxism of the years between1947 and 1989. 

My Romanian friends tell me it is coming here fast. 

English speaking graduates in Bucharest under the age of 40 or 45 are very much more politically correct than the generation  only five or ten years older who remember Communism.

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