Wednesday 25 August 2021

One rule for the right, another for the left


The left dislike rules which are traditional but enforce the rules they constantly invent ruthlessly. 


  1. “decentralized totalitarianism"

    Now equipped with massively upgraded methods of coordination and coercion compared to twentieth century totalitarian states, the current year regime deploys an inverted metapolitics of vulnerability, sexual emancipation, and racial justice but preserves the central features of totalitarian government. Human rights are suspended. Freedom of speech, freedom of association and freedom of conscience are curtailed. Culture, art and education are politicized by imposing ideological criteria and irregular secret police enforcement. Racism (now under the Orwellian label anti-racism) is normalized. Political and social opposition is demonized and criminalized.

    Totalitarianism doesn’t happen overnight but concludes the process of the breakdown of society. Class society, composed of recognizable political and social units, decomposes into atomized, deracinated, politically submissive masses, which are exploited and manipulated to support Regime priorities. Party offices proliferate. Informal syndicates now come to dominate over regular procedures. Institutions are coopted. Front groups are established. The bureaucracy is politicized and weaponized.

    How this happens reveals a map of the regime as associated zones of occupation. Regimes are not eternal, but webs of more or less resilient alliances, techniques and mutual or overlapping interests. Nobody is loyal to regimes as such, but only to the power which supports their own objectives. At the zero level, this is the evasion of destruction at the hands of the regime. In order to avoid that fate, loyalty is extracted both behaviorally and ideologically. It becomes compulsory to participate in rituals, whether clapping, kneeling or saluting, and now distancing and masking, and the rite of vaccination.

    By Daniel Miller

  2. There's never really been any difference between Left and Right. Both have been equally obsessed with enforcing rules and the rules have been for the most part equally irrational and oppressive. The Cultural Right is just upset at the moment that they're not the ones getting to do the oppressing.