Friday 15 October 2021

My old boss Sir David Amess has been murdered

My old boss when I was an undergraduate Sir David Amess, Tory MP for my home town, has been murdered. 

In 1983 his politics and mine were different. Nowadays I intended every week to call him and see if we could do something together but years slid past. 

His views on everything then, unlike mine, were very conservative indeed, especially on immigration. He was a real working class East Ender, a devout Catholic with five children. He once said that if no-one else would be hangman he would do the job.

He was Parliamentary Private Secretary to Michael Portillo for many years. After he was knighted he had this picture taken.

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  1. Wait! How could that be? Aren't stabbing knives against the law?

    Again proving the complete uselessness of the British Policeman... unless he's arresting some 80 yo lady for making tranny feel sad.