Saturday 4 December 2021

A year before he became Pope Benedict XVI, Cardinal Ratzinger saw Europe was in terminal decline


The essay “If Europe Hates Itself” is here. He said that ethnically Europe appeared to be on the way out. The present Pope wants to hurry along this process by encouraging immigration from the Maghreb and Asia.


  1. If Shadi Hamid wrote of the Christian faith, his 'Temptation of power' could have answered this; he writes of Islam, of course. The notion is what Bartholomew Ist made into his badge, at his enthronment:

    video section: 23:39 - 24:25 starting with "Besides, human power alone..."

    - the rest is a brief of intellectual history worth hearing.

  2. The hand of Saint Nicholas was placed for worship at St. George, across the street...