Friday 10 December 2021

Generalisations are always valuable

'People don't have ideas. Ideas have people.' 
Carl Jung (quoted by Jordan Peterson)

'The true secret of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life.' 
William Morris


  1. [re title] - some are priced, true enough.

  2. Try as I may, I end up counting less than ten quotes in frequent use; two are about ideas, of which one is a joke (of Dodoică), the other is Wilczek's 'Think, play, repeat'; I cannot know if the respective three words sound the same without having read his paradoxography.

  3. In a court filing responding to a lawsuit filed by John Stossel claiming that he was defamed by a “fact check” Facebook used to label a video by him as “misleading,” Meta’s attorneys assert that the “fact check” was an “opinion,” not an actual check of facts and declaration of facts. Under libel law, opinions are protected from liability for libel.

    Anthony Watts